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Emergency Tree Services Available

Tree Service

We always make sure to consider the environment and our professional tree services are specific to the needs of your trees and landscape.

Tree Removal

Damage, disease or safety concerns can turn some trees from an asset into a liability. When this occurs, you can trust TreeLadyPro for safe and efficient tree removal.  Our experienced and professional crews will use specialized rigging to perform the job safely and responsibly.

Firewood Sales

We also sell firewood! Seasoned Oak, cherry & maple firewood.

Tree Pruning

Tree pruning is an important tool to help sustain a tree’s health and retain its natural appearance. We can assess your tree’s pruning needs from removal of unhealthy limbs to disease reduction.

Tree Planting

Planting a tree that will thrive depends on the landscape, the climate and property goals. Our certified arborists provide expertise on “right tree, right place” – what trees to plant and where and how to plant them.

Stump Grinding

Our stump grinding machines are small enough for backyards and large enough for the largest stumps.

Tree Care & Maintenance

It’s important to have a routine maintenance program for mature tree care, this includes inspections, mulching, fertilization as well as pruning.

Tree Trimming

Your trees need to be trimmed and pruned for their health and for the beauty that trees bring to a property.

Seasonal Cleanup

TreeLadyPro can handle your spring and fall cleanup as well as snow removal.

Free Estimates

If you have tree removal, tree trimming or you need your lot cleared due to storm damage call us at 856-589-7903 for a free estimate!